Why External Consultants
In our view, there is no need to hire an external consulting firm unless they can do the required task quicker, more completely or less expensively than you could complete the task within your own organisation.
Our clients often tell us that we achieve all three – that we accomplish tasks faster, provide additional knowledge and skills which compliment existing management and less expensively than they could do themselves – and this is why.
Simply speaking, Insight has implemented many strategies in many markets and knows the key attributes and shortcuts that produce success. This knowledge is adapted to suit your precise needs, quickly and with a ‘knowledge transfer’ to your own organisation.
Our knowledge base, gained from working in ‘leading edge’ projects within established and developing markets, frequently means that we can avoid the pitfalls and implement the ‘full solution’. However talented the local management are, time needs to be allowed for a ‘learning curve’ to be explored and different solutions tested. Working with Insight can identify pitfalls and opportunities at outset, and considerably shorten the learning curve.
Your own resources are probably more expensive. Your managers are probably already very busy on day-to-day tasks that will suffer if their time is spent elsewhere. There’s the time and money spent on the learning curve and there’s the opportunity cost of not doing anything at all – and seeing competitors steal your market share and profits.
Insight can get your company where it needs to be quickly and efficiently and you reap the benefits every year.
Why Insight?
Hopefully the above makes a robust argument for employing an external consultant and so let’s now look at why Insight?
Insight provides a unique blend of skills and personalities. From qualified actuaries who talk ‘sales’, to sales and marketing staff who understand numbers. Each director has held at least one CEO role and all directors have originated successful businesses from scratch.
In addition to the directors, Insight has a large resource pool covering all insurance company disciplines.
Aware of the need for competitive pricing and keen to take advantage of modern working methods and technology, Insight is a virtual consultancy. We do not have the expense and of a central office in a prime business location, and use virtual meetings and ‘cloud based’ services to run our business. As well as providing us with a competitive financial advantage, this ‘slim business’ approach also means that we spend more time in the market and with clients.
Hopefully, our results speak for themselves – as does the fact that the majority of our clients have used Insight for additional projects or signed longer-term agreements to have Insight as part of their team.