Our keys skills lie in distribution, sales, actuarial, marketing and communications for the life insurance business.

We pride ourselves in being a hands-on consultancy, taking responsibility for 'making things happen' and working with your staff and associates to get things up and running. We know this works, as all of our clients have given us repeat business, and all of our work comes through recommendation.
Talk To Us
Insight has four directors, with experience in every aspect of a life assurance company's operations, gleaned from more than 80 years combined experiences within the insurance industry in Europe and Asia Pacific, with leading insurers.

In addition, we have a resource pool of skilled industry professionals are able to use their knowledge and experience when required.

We suggest that you browse though some examples of our work, and when you're ready, contact us. We're always happy to talk!
The Benefit To You
We asked our clients why they use us, and their replies were along the following lines:
"We were up and running much quicker than we could have done this."
"We didn't have the internal resources to complete this work. If we're truthful, we didn't have the skill set either."
"This is all new to us, and we wanted to gain from your experience."
Typically, Our Work Comes From Two Distinct Areas:
  • Insurers who are have ambitious growth plans, be they new channels of distribution, enhancing existing channels or new joint ventures or agreements with third parties.
  • Established insurers wishing to improve on aspects of their operation.