Helping You Reach Your Customers
The problem with customers is that they don’t come running to your door asking to buy products, and so you have to go and find them. Distribution is key in any business, especially financial services, where the often conflicting requirements of sales staff, the Company, and local and international laws and regulations all have to be combined into one workable process - which remains customer friendly.
Insight helps you reach your customers by Developing and Enhancing Distribution. MORE
Helping You Give All Your Customers What They Want
The problem for the life insurance industry is that the products are not immediately tangible; they are just promises for sometime in the future for something that may or may not happen. So, they’re harder to sell than something shiny you can put in front of a customer. But getting the right products for each distribution channel, which meet the criteria of all interested parties is often a large and complicated task.
Insight helps you give all your customers what they want by Developing and Refining Products. MORE
Improving Your Company
The problem within a Company is that there is always too much to do, and there’s probably not enough time or resources to fully complete ongoing operations, let alone start new projects. Yet the new projects can unlock value buried in the Company or deliver new distribution opportunities.
Insight helps by completing those Financial Projects that let you manage your Company better and by providing Strategic Support where this adds considerable value. MORE
Making Your Customers Keener To Buy
It’s all very well having great products and a great team to sell them, but that’s still hard work. The more your customers ‘like’ and appreciate your brand the more they will ‘want to buy’.
Insight helps by helping you develop and implement effective Corporate Communications and by Boosting Marketing Support for both internal and external customers. MORE
Getting The Information You Need
You might have everything under control and performing to your highest expectations – but what’s around the corner? It’s important to know what your competitors are doing and to spot trends and new developments in your markets.
With our extensive experience and wide network across several key insurance markets in Asia Pacific Insight helps you to get the information you need from Bespoke Research, Topical Reports, and in Indonesia, our Life Pundit market information service. MORE
  • Enhancing existing distribution channels – comparing these with what’s possible and the current state of the market, suggesting and implementing amendments and improvements to ensure that they are the best that they can be.
  • Growing new distribution channels – it’s all very well creating or securing a new distribution channel, but what does this mean? Rarely it’s business as usual, and the new channel will need new sales methods, internal procedures, different staff, changed cultures. Insight's experience in this area means that you can be up and running with the optimum procedures and practices for you, in the shortest possible time scales.
  • Looking at the true costs of distribution and optimising processes and costs to ensure that your customers, stakeholders and shareholders have their requirements understood and met.
  • Reviewing sales forces against various criteria, including compensation comparisons, sales process effectiveness, illustration and other corporate support.
  • Writing the training – so that everyone understands the what the Company is trying to do, and knows how to act to maximise all opportunities.
Developing and Refining Products
  • Making sure the product promise can be delivered within Company financial guidelines and profitability.
  • Ensuring the product is attractive to the customer, which means that it can be easily explained and easily understood by everyone involved with the product.
  • Ensuring that the IT and other systems can support the product, from the day it is launched until the day the last product sold matures.
  • Developing new products and refining existing products to suit new channels, to leverage on the customer base and the sales process. Insight has the knowledge and skill set to evaluate existing products and produce both quick fixes and long term strategies to support the channels product requirements.
Financial Projects
  • Providing answers to your ‘what if’ and other financial questions
  • Building financial models that enable you to understand where you are now and the opportunities and threats you will have in the future.
Strategic Support
  • Providing high level skills sets in flexible ways; long term alliances, non-executive directors
Building Partnerships
Corporate Communications (Internal and External)
  • Develop business-oriented PR policies to support your business goals and protect your brand
  • Set internationally-recognized practices and processes for your Public Relations/Corporate Communications function
  • Improve the performance of your existing PR team and help them interface better with the other functions and engage better with all your stakeholders
  • Produce usable and easily-understood messages and collaterals to reach all your targeted audiences
  • Maximise your spending on external agencies to deliver results for your business
Boosting Marketing Support
  • Evaluate and improve your marketing strategies and collaterals
  • Refine and enhance work interfaces with product development, distribution channels to launch products faster and drive sales
  • Launch a new brand or product with the right strategy to engage all your stakeholders
Life Pundit - Marketing Intelligence
  • For Life Insurers and other parties within business in Indonesia
  • Maintains an online searchable product database of products available in the market
  • Provides daily reports on communications activites and comparisons amongst competitors
  • Provides monthly and quarterly reports showing trends and analysis and enabling clients translate activity into new business
Bespoke Research
  • Typically by market, product, company, activity.
  • Ranging from a few hours consulting advice to in-depth investigation of a particular issue or enquiry.
Topical Reports
  • Generic reports produced by Insight and customised to answer individual clients questions.
  • Reports have included topics such as Health Insurance in India and The Use of Structured Notes by Insurers in Taiwan